Oled Assembly With Frame For Google Pixel 6 Pro (Support Fingerprint)

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The Google Pixel 6 Pro is a powerful and versatile smartphone, but a damaged or broken OLED and Touch Screen can severely limit your phone's functionality. That's where the Google Pixel 6 Pro OLED and Touch Screen Replacement comes in! This refurbished replacement part is specifically designed to restore your phone's display and touch functionality to like-new condition.

With crystal-clear images, vibrant colors, and precise touch sensitivity, this replacement screen will have your phone performing like it did on day one. Made from high-quality materials, this replacement part is durable and built to last, ensuring you'll enjoy long-lasting performance and a flawless touch experience.

Say goodbye to cracks, scratches, and shattered screens with the Google Pixel 6 Pro OLED and Touch Screen Replacement – order yours today!

Solves the following problems

  • Scratched or broken glass
  • Cracked OLED
  • Unresponsive touch inputs
  • Dead pixels, bright spots, discoloration, vertical or horizontal lines
  • Non-working backlight


  • Google Pixel 6 Pro


  • OLED capacitive touchscreen, HDR
  • Refurbished and Aftermarket versions Available
  • Note:  Must transfer Fingerprint sensor from the old Screen to the New Screen
  • Fast Same Day Shipping, Monday-Friday, Before 5 pm PST
  • 6 Month Warranty On All Oled Displays


  • 6 Months Warranty (All Displays have a 6-month warranty)
  • 30 Days Free Return
  • Shipping worldwide(There are local warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific ,3 -12 Days)
Part or Kit: Part Only

Important Points About The Google Pixel 6 Fingerprint Reader After Repairs

When using a replacement display, the fingerprint reader must be transferred: Google Pixel 6 Pro owners who use a replacement display (i.e., a third-party Google Pixel 6 Pro screen replacement) must transfer the fingerprint reader from their old Google Pixel 6 Pro screen to their new Google Pixel 6 Pro screen.

This process requires trained technicians and specialized tools, so it is best left to the professionals. Google Pixel 6 Pro owners should contact a certified Google Pixel 6 Pro repair service for assistance with transferring the fingerprint reader to ensure that it continues to work correctly after a Google Pixel 6 Pro screen replacement.

IP Rating after screen replacement: The Google Pixel 6 Pro is not water-resistant and does not have an IP rating, so it should not be exposed to liquids or moisture.

Google Pixel 6 Pro owners should exercise caution around liquids and be sure to properly dry their device after a Google Pixel 6 Pro screen replacement, regardless of the type of screen used.


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