Display For iPhone 14 Plus Screen Replacement With Frame

Sale price$89.99

The iPhone 14 Plus OLED and Touch Screen Replacement is here to solve all your display issues on your iPhone 14 Plus. With a high-quality OLED and touch screen, this replacement will eliminate problems such as unresponsive touch inputs, dead pixels, discoloration, and more. Enjoy a seamless user experience with accurate touch inputs and vibrant colors by installing this replacement.

Solves the following problems:

  • Scratched or broken glass surface, resulting in a reduction of visibility and compromised touch inputs
  • Cracked OLED, which can result in discoloration, dead pixels, or a distorted image
  • Unresponsive touch inputs, making it difficult to navigate or use your phone
  • Dead pixels, bright spots, discoloration, vertical or horizontal lines, ghost images, burn-in, or a non-working backlight, which can affect your user experience


  • iPhone 14 Plus


  • Screen Replacement for the iPhone 14 Plus
  • 6.7 inch display with a wide color gamut
  • Refurbished OLED or LCD Available
  • Fast Same Day Shipping, Monday-Friday, Before 5 pm PST


  • 6 Months Warranty (All Displays have a 6-month warranty)
  • 30 Days Free Return
  • Shipping worldwide(There are local warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific ,3 -12 Days)